Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Day at the Long Beach Aquarium

Abcde loved watching the Jellyfish. But did not want to get close to the glass!

Feeding the Larakeets was fun. Avoiding their poo wasn't so fun!

This Larakeet took my little feeding cup and just started bashing the
other birds! Hilarious!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

John Hampton's 40th Birthday!

It is our great friend,
John Hampton's 40th Birthday

and we are getting down, OC style!

Settled in the boondocks of South Coast Metro (Costa Mesa)
John Hampton's Country Ho - Down shindig took place at the
exquisite Spa, turned into a covered wagon round up with all
of his closest friends. What a great turnout.

A few words from John Hampton himself!

This guy is amazing. He has either a Jamaican accent or something, but sings incredible songs and will sing off any song you throw out to him! He even freestyles his country! Love this guy! I think I'm going to throw a party just to have him perform!

John is surprised with his custom made Birthday Card, thanks to Kevin G of PAID DUE$ clothing, signed by all of his closest friends!

Lots of good friends and lots of good booze to go around!

Gerrardo and Mrs Kevin G! its MEL!
hey, who's watching the kids?

Christine and Tom always in love!

Can't forget all the hot little girls walking around with some
good fixin's, country style!

Can't stop watching this guy! Gotta love him!

Kevin G makes a speech to embarrass John!

John makes an awesome drunken speech and share his thanks to all
of his really good friends!

Everyone hanging out sharing the good times!
Too bad iphone doesn't have flash. Most of my good pics
came out too dark =(

John's biggest surprise of the night!

GOOD MAN DOWN performance was off the hook! and this song was a word of advise
for everyone at the party!

COACHELLA 2009 Videos

Here are a few of the videos from Coachella

After a 40 minute hike from the parking lot just to get to the entrance of the venue, there was another 10 minute walk thru the huge entrance area where bag checks, ticket scanners, will call, vip guest list, etc. etc. before walking into the actual venue and amongst the other 50,000 concert goers!

It was incredble walking thru the hordes and hordes of people but the most amazing part were all the artsy areas and definitely anyplace at Coachella that was shooting off water tot he crowd was just perfect!

To get away from the close to 100 degree heat, escaping in the somewhat cooled down humongous tents to a massive rave was just key!

Everwhere you went it was just masses and masses of people. Simply amazing!

After walking thru the backstage trail and away from the swarms of sweaty, sticky people, we made it to the backstage enrance to the tent where Travis Barker and DJ AM were to perform.
Problem is, it was so infested with people that it was impossible to get a good view to shoot some good video so I walked allllllll the way back around to where the masses where just to get a better view of the performance!

Hmmmm. Maybe we were better off where we were on the other side of all this mess!

All in all, the thousands that came to watch TRVS & DJAM perform was amazing. It took us 15 minutes just to maneuver our way back out of the tent and we were only 20 yards from the tent opening!

As evening hit, the heat cooled down to a balmy 85 degrees. Because I am shooting from an iphone, I am limited with what I can shoot with no lighting capabilities. So here is what was going on in better lit area. Mind you there were still 4 other massive stages all happening at one time with at least another few thousand people per stage, this area was just a smaller area of techno lovers!

I know its not a clear video, but this was the view from the VIP area of the masses of people later that night. The view of the Main Stage may not be so impressive, but during the heat of the day of nearing 100 degrees, trust me, you would rather be here in enjoying cooled down cocktails, couches, bar b que, and lots and lots of shaded trees, tents, swamp coolers, etc!
To get an idea of how many people were in this video. it was shoulder to shoulder from the stage all the way to were were standing! Dangit. Where did I put my drink?